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We can assist you with larger landscaping projects!
Questions? Give us a call -- or an e-mail.

Agave plants tolerate very diverse environments... from desert heat to high mountain cold... we have special value larger agaves priced at $30 each... click here to see them all...

Agave Guadalajarana.jpg (162250 bytes) Agave Medio Picta Alba.jpg (120475 bytes) Agave Lophantha.jpg (170732 bytes)

IMG_0277.JPG (156725 bytes)
Aloe Vera Plants... lots of them!
IMG_0276.JPG (190387 bytes)
Aloe Vera and Agave Plants with a gravel topping
IMG_0840.JPG (632430 bytes) IMG_0845.JPG (577879 bytes)
Cactus and succulent plants grow well in many climates. They require little water (not usually necessary to have irrigation) and don't require significant soil modification (you'll want to provide for water drainage).
IMG_0843.JPG (728850 bytes) IMG_0862.JPG (1037053 bytes)
Although in habitat cactus plants are usually not found among stones and rocks, for a nice landscaping appearance they can be nestles amoungst gravel, river rock or other types of rocks. If you are planning to cover with rocks, you'll be able to use weed cloth underneath, which will eliminate weeds from growing through.
IMG_0863.JPG (1035872 bytes) IMG_0869.JPG (447165 bytes)
Many succulents require fairly low light, such as the senseveria on the right, used as a living screen indoors. Senseveria like tight roots and thrive in limited size containers.
IMG_0866.JPG (887206 bytes) IMG_0842.JPG (564173 bytes)
Here's a very nice installation of grusonii golden barrels on the left. We sell several sizes of them, diameters of 5, 9 and 11 inches. We can also provide larger ones, or mix and match sizes to create an effect such as this. On the right is a very nice marginatus column with an occotillo in the background (don't ask, we have never identified a good source for occotillo). Smaller succulents in the foreground provide a contrast.
IMG_0867.JPG (836012 bytes) IMG_0834.JPG (983684 bytes)
Check them out first hand... here we are at Moortgen Gardens (left) and in Indian Canyons (right), both located in the Palm Springs area of California. Notice how the ferrocactus (right) appears to grow out of a crack in a rock... in 100+ degree heat, too.
IMG_0833.JPG (863602 bytes) IMG_0848.JPG (598598 bytes)
Native ferrocactus and cholla cacti (left) in desert habitat, a pachypodium lamerei (left) planted next to a building.
landscape4.JPG (530139 bytes) IMG_6665.JPG (756130 bytes)
Landscape7.JPG (615696 bytes) IMG_6634.JPG (690603 bytes)

IMG_4359.JPG (545591 bytes)
Euphorbia Tirucali Firestick Plants
(To purchase, see Unique Plants page)

IMG_4621.JPG (400243 bytes)
Mixed Cacti and Succulents in a Desert Setting

We can provide plants for landscaping projects and advise you on mixes for your home garden.

You don't have to start out large, small plants in a contrasting arrangement are stunning! E-mail us with questions, we will do our best to assist.

Cacti and succulents make outstanding landscape plants. They require little water, grow in a wide variety of climates and provide endless creative possibilities.

IMG_5466.JPG (426309 bytes)
Large Yucca Whipplei Plant
We sell this plant -
yucca whipplei
(see Unique Plants page)

IMG_5037.JPG (394651 bytes)
Grusonii Golden Barrel $39.95

Larger Landscape Plants in Stock

IMG_5490.JPG (260642 bytes)

IMG_5491.JPG (269625 bytes)
Star Agave

Cost and shipping for larger landscape plants varies with size.
E-mail us with your requirements and we can send you an estimate.


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Two each of these plants

Aloe_breviflora_V8.JPG (168453 bytes)

Blue_fingers_V.JPG (219536 bytes)

Jade_V1.JPG (168887 bytes)

Special Value - Save 25%
A great start for your garden!

Aloe Breviflora, Seneccio Blue and Crassula Jade... three outstanding plants for your garden. They are as beautiful as they are hardy.

They are fast growers and very forgiving, a great choice if you want to fill in an outdoor area.

More info: click a photo!

IMG_5258.JPG (456381 bytes)
Rooftop Cactus Garden at the Getty Museum, Los Angeles
Agaves, euphorbias and grusoniis... lots of them!



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