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Echeveria Paul Bunyan
Echeveria Gibbiflora
"Paul Bunyan"

Echeveria gibbiflora Paul Bunyan is a hybrid noted for irregular leaves, asymetrical shape and extreme bumps, lumps and shapes. Each plant is different and unique. (If you look at our Cactus Limon website, it is one of the plants featured in the page header.)
They will grow indoors or outdoors (in many climates). However, indoors they may lose some of the red/pink tint during the winter, it will return when exposed to bright sunlight.
They are about 8-11 inches wide. Very limited quantity.

Euphorbia Tirucali Firestick
Euphorbia Tirucali
The firestick is an easy to grow outdoor plant that turns vivid red at the tips in bright sunlight. They will grow in many environments, require little water or care. (No freezing, however.)
We have a nice crop of firsticks in 6 inch pots, smaller (and less costly) than our larger offering. They are about 15-20 inches tall. Limited quantity.

Got moisture? Plants grow best when properly watered. Cacti in particular like to fully dry out between waterings. Don't let water acculmulate in the bottom of the pot... check your water level with our handy Moisture Meter... click for info

Oversized Cactus Plants
Six Large Cactus Plants
A 6-Pack of Oversized Cactus Plants
Perfect for landscaping projects!

These cacti are growing in 6-inch diameter pots... and are ready for 8 or 10 inch pots or planting in the ground. You receive six mixed cacti -- which may include mammillaria, grusonii and others. Each mix is different but similar to the mix shown above.
Save almost 20% with this combination!
Each plant would normally sell for $14.95...
you'll receive all six for $75

6-Pack Oversized Cacti

"Thanks, Cactus Limon, two orders of your oversized cactus plants more than filled my planter. They were much larger than I expected." D.B. August 2012

Large Senseveria
Mother-in-Law's Tongue

These are tall, full, multi-stalked plants, perfect for low to moderate light situations. Minimal care required. About 30+ inches tall. They grow vertically, so make a great plant for a corner or for a room divider. Shipped bareroot.
Regular price $99.95
Save 50%
Now $49.95

Agave Dasylirion Wheeleri Desert Spoon
Agave Dasylirion Wheeleri
"Desert Spoon"

This thin leaved agave grows a thick trunk over time. Have leaves about 3 ft tall with sharp edges. Very easy to grow.


Mauna loa large
Large Mauna Loa
We have a few large (about 4-6 inches diameter) Gibbiflora Mauna Loa. These are about 3x larger than our regular sized ones. These are beauties.

Tirucalli Firestick
Euphorbia Tirucalli
Large landscaping plant about 2 feet tall. Nicely rooted, growing in a 3-gal pot (shipped bareroot). They turn red at the tips in bright sunlight. They will grow indoors in a container, but may not stay red. Limited quantity at this price.

Aloe aristata
Large Aloe Aristata
About 6 inches diameter, these are gloriously large healthy plants.


Aloe Spinosissima
Aloe Spinosissima
A nice green clumping aloe, large, about 15-16 inches diameter. They work well in landscaping and propgate rapidly. Very easy car, drought tolerant.

Agave Filifera

 Agave filifera in habitat
Agave Filifera
Desired by collectors, nearly extinct in its natural environment (ours are seed grown), these are excellent specimens of this agave plant. Grows slowly into a large round rosette.

Esposta Hybrid
Espostoa Natural Hybrid
The espostoa is native to the high altitude Andes Mountains in Peru and Equador. It is noted for it's white "fur". This is a hybrid that occured naturally, so, the white coverage is partial, allowing the beautiful medium green color of the column to show. AS A NATURAL HYBRID, COLORATION AND SPINE COVERAGE VARIES. The column is about 2 feet tall, nicely rooted. We dig to order, so allow a week or so. These are rare and unique.

Echeverria Gibbiflora
Three Echeveria Gibbiflora Variations
These are three perfect examples of echeveria gibbiflora, robustly growing in 6-inch diamter pots, each plant about 6 inches in diameter. The Paul Bunyon (front) has leaves rimmed with red and unique bubbles/blisters growing on the inside of the leaves. The Mauna Loa (top right) has dark red leaf tips which will grow more red with summer sunlight. The Arlie Wright (top left) is a mottled red-purple color. All leaves are firm and rigid. (NOTE: we may substitute comparable plants.)
These are by far the best examples of gibbiflora that we've had in a long time. They are well rooted and ready to plant in the ground or a container. We ship them bareroot, ready to plant. We usually sell individual plants of this size and quality for $19.95 each.
Special Value: 3 Plants for $45

Senseveria Grascilis
Sansevieria Gracilis (Large)
This sansevieria is tubular in shape with sharp spines on the tips. It is one of a few tubular shaped succulents. Leaves are dark green with some variagation. Easy to grow, broad range of environments, works well in a container or in the ground. Our large size includes several nicely rooted pieces. Shipped bareroot.

Portulacaria afra
Portulacaria Afra
This beautiful plant will grow into a medium sized bush. Makes a good container plant as well as a landscaping screen. Easy care. About 10-12 inches tall, multiple trunks.

Echeveria Blue Sky
Echeveria Blue Sky
Large rosette

This is a beautiful large echeveria rosette, approximately 5-6 inches diameter. They will grow to about 12 inches.
The center is a bluish-green, tips of the leaves are red.
This is a beautiful plant, sizeable, growing robustly.

Aloe_plicatilis_V8.JPG (195978 bytes)
Aloe Plicatilis
These are multi-headed beauties! We have a few of these plants, averaging 12-15 inches tall, each with two or more heads. They are rooted and growing well. The plicatilis is a winter-growth plant, dormant in the summer. Expect some fantastic growth this coming winter.

Trichocereus Hybrid

Trichocereus hybrid
These are amazing large plants! Developed over the past 10 years, they are hybrid by crossing  trichocereus and lobivia. Hardy, large (shown here in 3 gallon pots) about 12-18 inches tall. When they flower -- wow! -- each flower is about 4 inches diameter (we have pink, yellow). These are substantial plants that would look great in a Southwest-type landscape or even indoors in a stylish planter (provided they have enough light). Sorry, we can't guarantee flower color. Not all plants have offsets shown. We dig these to order, so there may be a 7-12 day delay before we ship.

"Just wanted to thank-you for the gorgeous cactus. When I opened the box I wanted to cry. It was just gorgeous. I was so happy. I told my husband, I think I'm going to cry. The cactus itself is huge. And who ever packed it did a great job. We got a snow storm that day. So it was cold and snowy. And it arrived in great shape. You even took the time to write a little card and put it in the box. All the buds are intact. I'm a very happy customer.  Thanks for all your hard work. I will always buy your plants.

Draco Dragon Tree
Dracaena Draco
"Dragon Tree"

These are a wonderful soft-leaved tree, a species on their own. You can peel the leaves to show more of a "trunk," (which is what we have done, as pictured) or leave them untrimmed for more of a bushy look. Ours are a single stem, about 20-36 inches tall including the leaves.They have excellent roots poised for summer growth

The dracaena is native to the
Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. They have a single trunk when small, then offshoots emerge from their flowers, ultimately resulting in a tree that can grow up to 30 feet tall (this will take many years, figure on 6-12 inches per year).

The draco will grow great outdoors or in a container (fairly large and deep, they have significant roots). They are drought tolerant and easy care.


Agave attenuata
Back in stock
Agave Attenuata
About 8-9 inches diameter

Euphorbia acurensis
Euphorbia Acurensis
"Candelabra Tree"
Native to Ethiopia, this euphorbia has thick stems which branch into a candelabra shape, thus the nickname. Approximately 25-36 inches tall. Easy to grow, can tolerate bright light, likes moderate temps.  These work well in family rooms, offices, lofts, restaurants and other setting where you want a potted plant that grows vertically.


Agave americanus special
Special: Agave Americana
These are field grown, not as perfect as our standard nursery grown. But plant them and once they take hold and start growing you'll never know the difference. Special value price - great for landscaping. About 15 inches tall. Limited quantity.


Lophocereus Schottii.JPG (508959 bytes)
Lophocereus Schottii
Spineless Form
"Totem Pole"

These are fantastic! And, very difficult to find. The "totem pole" will grow into a fantastic free-form column plant. They have no spines, just a myriad of angles and lumps! These are very healthy, showing nice green growth from the summer. About 8-10+ inches tall, shown in a 6-inch pot (but shipped bareroot). We only have a few of them, so, if you want one, don't delay!
Please e-mail us for availability

Whitesloanea crassa.JPG (483307 bytes) Whitesloanea crassa with flower
Very Rare Whitesloanea Crassa
If you are ever in Somalia, you may never see one of these native plants. Locals protect them in an almost mystical manner for apparent medicinal properties and you can be killed for taking one. They grow in gritty gravel in filtered light. They produce a white and brown flower (this flower photo taken in November, note that the flowers come from buds at the soil line).
It is considered one of the rarest succulents. Ours are seed grown about 3-4 inches tall and well rooted. They are excellent specimens, get ready for your local plant show.
Sorry, sold out.

Large aloe vera.JPG (535615 bytes)
Larger Aloe Vera Plant
About twice the size of our regular aloe vera plants, stems are 12-18 inches. Thicker leaves, nice for indoor or outdoor planting.

Marginatus Special.JPG (791429 bytes)
Special Offer
Pachycereus Marginatus
Mexican Fence Post

We have a few specimens of this fine column cactus, about 20-30 inches tall with nice thick trunks. These are very popular plants and look just as nice in a container in loft as they do in a landscape. Allow up to 10 days for us to dig them.

pachy hybrid large.JPG (469606 bytes)
Fatties... these pachys
are about 30-40 in tall. Great looking in a container, but will grow well in the ground, too.
Pachypodium Hybrid
These are outstanding, on their way to becoming nicely shaped trees. The trunks have been gulping water, they are the plumpest we've ever sold. Grow well indoors or outdoors. Can grow 6 inches in height each year. Leaves may drop during dormancy, they will grow back! Shown here in a 3 gallon pot. (Shipped bareroot.)

Landscaping / Low Water Plants
Featured Plants: Agave
Save water and add diversity to our landscape!
These agave plants tolerate a wide variety of environments -- and they require very little water.
Growing in 3 gallon pots (shipped bareroot for the safety of the plants), these are landscape sized plants. They will grow in containers, too.

Super Special
Let us pick three agaves for you and receive free shipping.
Three agave plants (including, but not limited to, those shown below -- but may include others featured on our website) with free shipping -- $90.
It's the perfect time to start your low water landscape!
Three Agave Special
$90 including shipping

Agave selection varies with season.
Visit our companion site to see what is currently available.
Agave Americana.jpg (143275 bytes)
Agave Amer Variegata.jpg (109974 bytes)
Agave Americana

Agave Angustifolia Variegata.jpg (149207 bytes)
Agave Angustifolia Variegata
Agave Bovicornuta Blue.jpg (132190 bytes)
Agave Bovicornuta Blue

Agave Lophantha.jpg (170732 bytes)
Agave Lophantha
Agave Franziosinii.jpg (149226 bytes)
Agave Franziosinii

Aloe Ferox.jpg (115562 bytes)
Aloe Ferox
Agave Scabra Zaresensis.jpg (126308 bytes)
Agave Scabra Zaresensis

Agave Medio Picta Alba.jpg (120475 bytes)
Agave Medio Picta Alba
Agave Murpheyi.jpg (115345 bytes)
Agave Murpheyi

Agave Potatorum.jpg (128998 bytes)
Agave Potatorum

IMG_0249.JPG (619981 bytes)
Fishhook Barrel Cactus
About 4-5 inches diameter

Euphorbia Yellow.JPG (402121 bytes)
Super nice column!
Outstanding Euphorbia Column
Euphorbia ammak, with pale yellow with slight green variagation and new growth leaves at the top. It can take up to 10 days for us to process this plant.



Lactea.JPG (551499 bytes) Rare Lactea Tree
Approximately 24" tall, these are sturdy trunked plants, showing excellent summer growth. These will eventually grow into a full tree. Grows well in almost any warm, bright setting, will grow for many years in the same container without repotting. It is rare to find them this size. You'll receive 2+ stems, with offsets at the top. (Note: photo shows more than two stems.)
Shipped via FedEx Ground Service. Allow two weeks.
24 inches tall
E-mail for availability

Red Trigona.JPG (664181 bytes)
The red leaved trigona is a rare variation of the African Milk Tree.
Red Euphorbia
Trigona Tree

Approximately 30" tall, this Africa Milk Tree will become a centerpiece in your home or office. It has red leaves and some red coloration on the stems. Grows well in almost any setting, will grow for many years in the same container without repotting. They look nice in a corner, spotlighted. Look for fluffy leaves in the spring and summer, and about 3-6 inches of annual growth on each stalk.
Shipped via FedEx Ground Service. Allow two weeks.
30 inches tall
Sold out


Pachanoi column.JPG (607878 bytes) Limited Quantity
Trichocereus Pachanoi
Wow! These are outstanding rooted columns. The plant you will receive contains one primary stalk. The Pachanoi, also called the San Pedro Cactus, is a popular indoor and outdoor plant. These 30+ inch plants are very nice.Get them in the ground and they'll take off! (But they will also grow in a container.) Shipped via FedEx Ground Service. Allow 1-2 weeks for processing and shipment. Shipped bareroot.

Agave Medio Picta Alba.JPG (452040 bytes) Agave Americanus
Medio Picta Alba

Wow! These are rare beauties! The Medio Picta is a varigated version of the Agave Americanus -- however -- the Alba variety has a bold white stripe rather than yellow variagation! When grown, it appears like a painted mark, it is very handsome. These are exceptional specimens about 9-12 inches in diameter. They have been field grown and are ready for spring planting. They'll grow to 50 inches or larger.
These are field grown, we dig on Fridays.

IMG_7697.JPG (334455 bytes)
Whoa! Monster barrel!
This grusonii golden barrel is about 9-10 inches in diameter. You will love the heft and presence of this biggie. Get ready for one heck of a monster barrel...

You'll want to see this one close up!
Click to enlarge photo.
Gasteria1.JPG (554190 bytes)
These gasteria plants thrive in filtered light or shade. They have extremely thick, well shaped leaves. Plants turn pinkish when grown in sunlight, mottled green in shade.
Hybrid Gasteria
These unique and beautiful gasteria were developed as hybrids by an affecionado who spent years working on various hybrids. Due to the nature of their growth, they may look slightly different from the photo. They are thick-leaved, growing in six inch diameter pots, ready to be up-potted (shipped bareroot). They are beginning to flower. These plants have a lot of character and would look nice in a pot. We have a limited supply.

pachy multitrunk.JPG (829762 bytes) Pachypodium Lamerei

We offered this plant last year and sold all we had grown. Now, they're back! A nice healthy pachypodium with multiple, branched trunks, growing bush-like. This will become a multi-trunked pachypodium tree, ultimately 6-7 feet tall. Grows well in a container as well as in the ground, climate permitting. Same price as last year!

Echeveria Moonglow.JPG (345212 bytes) Echeveria Moonglow
These are absolute beauties, excellent coloration, will grow to about 8-10 inches in diameter (about 5-6 inches diameter when shipped). We only have a few.


Tirucali tree.JPG (671972 bytes)

Large euphorbia tirucali pencil cactus plant. Also called the firestick because they can turn red-pinkish on the tips in bright sun. They grow into a large bush shape (although they are easily trimmed to shape). They are about 3-4 ft tall.


Echeveria Arly WrightH.JPG (481728 bytes)
Echeveria Arlie Wright
IMG_6370.JPG (696814 bytes)
Echeveria Mauna Loa
These two large echeveria gibbiflora are exceptionally unique and beautiful. We've just released a few more of these! Read more.

Agave QR VariagataV.JPG (811088 bytes)
The Agave
Queen Regina Variagata
is one of the most rare of agaves. Virtually impossible to find in commercial quantities.
Extremely Rare
Agave Queen Regina Variagata

Try finding this one anywhere else! The agave Queen Regina Variagata is exceptionally difficult to find, particularly in this size. The plants are about three years old (they grow slowly). Each plant is approximately 5-6 inches in diameter.
The key differentiating factor for these plants is the yellow/green variagation in the leaves. They will be stunning plants in a few years and there truely won't be another one on your block.
At plant shows, the few variagatas of this size that make it to the market sell in the $100+ range. Ours are priced at $55.95. For serious collectors and agave fans, this one is a must.

IMG_5037.JPG (394651 bytes) Large Grusonii
Golden Barrel Cactus

This is a classic and outstanding addition to your cactus garden. Field grown, about 6-8 inches in diameter (including spines), very heavy, very healthy.

IMG_5839.JPG (506762 bytes) "Star" or "Foxtail" Agave
Agave Attenuata

These are incredible plants. A soft agave, no spines, about 12-15+ inches in diameter. Continually unfolding. Grow great in a container or in the ground. They can tolerate temps down to about 30 degrees. Will have pups (offshoots) during summer.

Please e-mail us if interested in
larger ones.

IMG_6334.JPG (638568 bytes) Large Fish Hook
Barrel Cactus

This is a classic and outstanding addition to your cactus garden. Field grown, about 6  inches in diameter, very heavy, very healthy, large redish fish hook style spines.

IMG_5531.JPG (252669 bytes) Agave Colorata
Mescal Ceniza

This is a hardy agave (will tolerate temps to 18 degrees). It also has a broad light tolerance, although it prefers full sun. Native to Mexico, it requires well draining soil and needs little water. Propagates via offsets or seeds. Growing happily in a 10-inch pot, plant is about 10-14 inches in diameter (shipped bareroot). Put it in the ground now!

Jumbo culumping white mammillaria V.JPG (214700 bytes)  


This jumbo clumping mammillaria is a winner. It is substantial and has numerous clumps. Will continue clumping when potted into a larger container

IMG_5274.JPG (292508 bytes)

IMG_5492.JPG (259047 bytes)
Prickly Pear Cactus
Opuntia Gigantica

Following news coverage of claims that this opuntia plant has medical benefits, people have been clamoring for it. (And, to think, we were eating it as nopal salad.) We sell individual pads cut off the mother plant. Each pad is between 9 and 12 inches in size. They are just in the process of developing roots, but this is a rapid rooting plant. Put it in the ground now and you will have new pads and fruit growing next spring!
$8 per pad

IMG_5276.JPG (216775 bytes)
Sample of what you receive
The opuntia gigantica pad is about 10 inches long, with a clean cut at the stem. Place in dry soil and it will root in 3-4 weeks. These are rapid growers, get them in the ground and you'll have pads aplenty in a a few weeks.

(Click photo to enlarge)
IMG_5606.JPG (270709 bytes)
This beautiful stapelia is currently growing in an 8 inch pot. Blooms in late summer. Shipped bareroot.
Stapelia Grandiflora
Flowering beauty!

This South African native stapelia is large, healthy and has huge reddish purple flowers in the late summer. (NOTE: They are not currently flowering, you'll have to wait until next spring!) It is full, nicely rooted. A must have for the collector or a great gift for unusual plant lovers. Shipped bareroot, plant in the container of your choice.

GymnolargeV.JPG (367844 bytes)
Giant Gymnocalycium

"Ordered the giant gymno on Wednesday and received it Friday. It is a
beautiful plant, one you don`t find too often. Thank you for the t.l.c. you gave to my plant. All my wife and I could say was aaahhhh!! upon opening the box. Thank you and all your great staff."

John and Irene

Extremely Large
20-year Old Cactus

This huge gymno is a find! Growing on a nursery mountainside for almost 20 years, it is about 6-8 inches in diameter, extremely healthy, field root structure. (Compare in size to our regular gymno in a 4" pot, pictured below.)
These don't come along everyday and when they are gone, that's it.

IMG_4741.JPG (290431 bytes)
Click to enlarge

Nolina Pony Tail
Pony Tail Palm
This is a large plant with a very nice caudex... about 8 inches wide, plus multiple stems! Leaves are about 24 inches tall. Ready to plant in a larger pot. This is a winner, there is high demand for the multi-trunk. Sometimes called the Elephant's Foot.

IMG_5068.JPG (266297 bytes)
Large Aloe Percolata
This is a very large aloe currently growing in a 12 inch growers pot. It is quite a significant plant. The percolata is a solitary plant that can grow up to 3 feet in diameter.
IMG_5404.JPG (274704 bytes)

The very round pads and blue-coloration of this opuntia make it extremely valued. About 12-15 inches tall.

IMG_5063.JPG (258330 bytes)

IMG_5062.JPG (268331 bytes)
Breviflora Clump
with many pups

These aloe clumps are large, growing in 8 inch pots. Makes a fantastic centerpiece to a succulent garden.
Breviflora is a clumping aloe that grows well in the ground (tips may turn pinkish in the sun) or indoors in a container. It will give many pups each year, which can be removed (and planted separately) to preserve the aesthetic of the mother plant. Each of these pups has roots, although may still be attached to the mother.


IMG_4713.JPG (239770 bytes)
Nicely clumping large (shown in 10 inch pot, shipped bareroot) Aloe Nobilis
These are very nice when planted in the ground. They are fast growers.
Aloe Aristata lgV4.JPG (223571 bytes)
Aloe Aristata.
Outstanding specimen, very robustly growing. Shwon in 6-inch pot (shipped bareroot.)

IMG_5321.JPG (331145 bytes) Ahhhhhhh
The Mystery Barrel
This barrel is a beauty. We found it in the corner of a greenhouse and are not sure what it is. Mystery barrel is very healthy. Plant is 4-5 inches diameter. The spines are dense, may be yellow or red.

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